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Reduce energy costs and gain energy independence.


Unified Power Projects is a specialist solar energy consulting business. We work with clients who want to reduce their energy costs and gain energy independence from the electrical grid.


Solar energy works and for the first time is a financially attractive alternative energy source. Solar energy is free, its clean,  it’s renewable and the cost of investing in this technology is fixed for life.


We work with clients who want to take control of their energy costs and combat the ever rising costs of electricity by investing in a technology that produces a sustainable and renewable energy that makes both financial sense and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.


As a solar energy consultancy, we offer clients our skills, knowledge and expertise in the key areas of consideration which a client should be focussed on when considering an investment in solar energy technology and power backup solutions.


Our services are comprised of skills, knowledge and expertise in the following four key areas:


  • Quantifying the financial impact of solar on the business.
  • Government grants available for solar investments.
  • Tax allowances and incentives.
  • Financial returns and projections.

Solar Power Technology

  • Different types of solar technology exist, with unique benefits and advantages to each. These systems include:
  • Solar Grid Tied systems
  • Solar Grid Interactive systems
  • Solar Diesel Hybrid systems


  • Unified Power Projects has relationships with the top solar companies in the country.
  • Clients get access to the best solar companies and technology offerings in the country ensuring guaranteed power production and financial performance.

3rd Party Financing

  • Where an outright purchase of a solar solution is not feasible, the company has relationships with funding partners to offer unique funding structures over 10 years which positively impact cash flow for the business.

Solar Power Technology

The solar technologies available which we specialise in are broken down
into 3 broad categories

Solar Grid Tied Systems

  • By far the most common configuration
  • These systems are simple to install
  • Most cost effective from a budget point of view

Solar Grid Interactive Systems

  • The batteries provide backup power in the event of a power outage or load shedding.
  • These systems, if built large enough, can provide for significant independence from the power grid.

Solar Diesel Hybrid Systems

  • Designed for business operations where there is little or no grid connectivity.
  • Designed for medium to large sized enterprises in the heavy industry, manufacturing and mining sectors.
  • These systems provide significant fuel savings for diesel generators which operate for extended periods of time.


Unified Power Projects focuses on the 3 board sectors of the solar industry

Residential Solar systems

  • The technology available for residential installations depends on the client’s requirements.
  • The technology available will reduce electricity costs, store excess solar power for use at night and during load shedding , or provide for complete independence from the electrical grid.

Commercial & Industrial Solar Systems

  • The advantages of solar technology for commercial and industrial clients, making an investment in this technology, are extremely attractive.
  • Energy savings are achieved from day one and have an immediate impact on the company’s bottom line.
  • There are government grants and numerous tax incentives to enhance the financial returns to be earned from an investment in solar energy.

Mining & heavy manufacturing
Solar Systems

  • Clients in these industries have substantial energy costs and are heavily affected by rising costs both in the cost of electricity and the cost of fuel in the form of diesel for diesel generators.
  • Solar solutions available for these industries have a dramatic impact in terms of the savings in diesel consumption where the sun’s energy is used to replace the power delivered from diesel generators.

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