3rd Party Financing

Should the client choose to finance the solar system rather than purchase the solar system outright, Unified Power Projects has relationships with funding partners who can offer the client funded solutions for their systems.
The 3 funded solutions comprise:
Operating Leases:

Right of use of the solar equipment for a monthly operating cost

  • No large upfront capital outlay
  • The full monthly rental payment is 100% tax deductible
  • No capex approval required from the company board
  • Operating lease period is up to 10 years
  • The solar equipment remains off the balance sheet as the equipment is not owned by the client
Capital Leases:

Solar equipment purchased by the client with structured monthly payments

  • Capex approval required for the purchase of the asset
  • Asset appears on the client’s balance sheet and the client can claim wear and tear tax allowances on the equipment
  • Deposits are negotiable
  • Capital lease period is up to 10 years
Power Purchase Agreements:

You pay for the power produced by the system at a rate typically less than that charged by the utility company

  • No upfront capital outlay for equipment
  • You pay for the electricity produced by the solar system, on a monthly basis, at an agreed rate per kilowatt hour
  • Long term agreement signed for the supply of the power – 15 to 20 years
  • The client is required to have a very good credit rating
  • Maintenance and repair of the system is taken care of by the PPA supplier

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