How We Work


A systematic process of engagement with the client is followed :


We discuss your specific renewable energy objectives, your energy requirements and how an investment in solar technology can help you meet your renewable energy objectives.

  • We will understand what equipment, machinery, appliances, lighting and HVAC systems are in operation in your business.
  • Identify areas where electricity consumption can be reduced.
  • Perform a site audit on the geography of the facility to determine its suitability for the installation of solar panels and the associated equipment.

We will analyse 6 to 12 months of electricity bills to determine your average monthly consumption in kilowatt hours, your electrical tariff and the rand value of power consumed.


We propose a suitably sized solar system with an approximate cost. The proposal includes the power output of the system, the energy savings achieved and the financial returns expected to be earned over the life of the system.

  • Through our working relationships with the top solar companies in South Africa we will propose and engage the services of the appropriate solar company best suited to the type of installation you require.
  • Where necessary, source multiple solar proposals from several solar companies should the client’s procurement policies so require.
  • Guide the client in making an informed decision and facilitating interaction between the client and the solar companies.